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South Gate STEM Magnet Locker

Magnet Program Overview

Magnet Program Overview

Magnet Program Overview

South Gate Middle School - S.T.E.M. Magnet Program is a 6th - 8th grade program located in its own area on the campus of South Gate Middle School. The program has been recognized as an "Excelling School" under the School Performing Frameworks (SPF). Schools that fall within this category are generally defined by high status academic performance and high levels of growth.

The program is designed to develop life-long learners. The school serves all students residing within the Los Angeles Unified School District area. The enrollment is 315. The program operates on a traditional school calendar. Interested families must complete and submit the Choices Application to LAUSD by November deadline. The district will then verify information on the application and assign points to applicants based on a district wide system (for more information you may log onto Students accepted to the program will be notified by LAUSD during the spring semester.

South Gate Middle School - S.T.E.M. Magnet Program provides a rigorous, exciting, and interactive academic program designed to meet the learning needs of all students. Our program offers a balanced, comprehensive Common Core Standard-Based curriculum that challenges students across all academic subjects.

Program Vision

South Gate Middle School S.T.E.M. Magnet Program empowers ALL students to be productive, informed, and critical members of an evolving global society through a high-quality, engaging education with a focus on an innovative curriculum through science, exploration, and engineering practices.

Program Mission

Together with our partners in education, South Gate Middle School S.T.E.M. Magnet Program is committed to cultivating resilience, respect, civic responsibility, and digital citizenship in ALL students by providing challenging and relevant standard-based instruction emphasizing communication, inquiry, and problem solving.

Expectations of Student Performance

Success in the program requires students to be dedicated, willing and open to new experiences. Student participation and good study habits are key factors. Success also involves the support of motivated teachers and dedicated & involved parents.

Student Enrichment Opportunities

We provide a wide range of enrichment activities to enhance the curriculum and excite students about their learning. Students have the opportunity to participate in the following:

*Sea Perch Remotely Operated Vehicle -ROV (Water Robotic Program)

* VEX (Land Robotics Program)

*Dual Enrollment -East Los Angeles College: Student College Enrollment

*Young Scientist Symposium-Cabrillo Beach

*USC Viterbi School of Engineering - Summer Camp

*Early Academic Outreach Program - USC / UCLA

*Great Minds in S.T.E.M.-Viva Technology

*Enrich LA -Student Garden

*Junior Achievement Finance Program 

*Project Lead the Way

*Coding/Computer Science

*Journalism/ Broadcasting

*Student Leadership


*Naviance: Exploring Colleges & Careers

*S.T.E.M. Curricular field trips to Washington D.C., Nixon Library, Huntington Library,  Getty Museum, Japanese American National Museum, Junior Achievement Park....And so much more!



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