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Principal's Message

S.G.M.S.......home of the Vikings

Welcome to South Gate Middle School Home of the Vikings


I am very excited to welcome you to another successful academic year at South Gate Middle school.


Our school organization has morphed into two dynamic academies and a dual language program focused on academics. Linked learning is focused on creating multiple pathways in the areas of STEAM. Students are researching real-life problems in the community and applying their newfound knowledge to help solve those problems. Our AVID academy is leading the way in engaging students to think about college and beyond. The dual-language program focuses on science instruction in both languages English and Spanish.


South Gate Middle School has turned into academic heaven, where students from all backgrounds are achieving success. This year we are the recipients of a technology grant from Verizon. This grant is making it possible for all students to be equipped with innovative technology making online learning more accessible. In addition, We also received a grant from Save the Music program. This grant will make it possible for us to be able to get new instruments for music students and develop a Mariachi band.


In addition to all those academic opportunities, our staff is constantly reflecting and revisiting their instructional practices. Recently, we were awarded WASC accreditation. We are one of the few middle schools in the district with this distinguished recognition. We have partnerships with local community colleges and offer dual enrollment in computer science instruction.


Many academic opportunities await you as you become a Viking. Once a Viking, Always a Viking!



Salvador Torres