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Letter to Family

Looking Forward to A Great New Year

Dear Parents:

My name is Ms. Maricel Talosig, and I will be your child's 7th-grade Math teacher this year.  I will spend a great deal of time with your child in the upcoming school year.  Because of this, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you a few things about myself-- both personally and professionally.

I was born and raised in an urban city in Manila, Philippines with my three sisters. My parents worked abroad to provide us a better life and to send us to a good school.  I value family and education because I wouldn't achieved this opportunity to pursue my passion in teaching without my parents' hardwork and sacrifice for their children.  We all went to college and finished our degrees.  I came here to the United States through an "Exchange-Teacher Program" and year after year challenges come as an immigrant and as a foreign teacher.  I did not give up rather I considered it as part of my growth in my profession.  South Gate MS is my home school for 10 years now and I became a better teacher through my colleagues (admin, teachers and staff), students and parents whom I shared the same vision in education-- VISION OF EXCELLENCE.

I have planned an exciting year for my students.  Our school adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which are a national set of learning expectations for college and career success that were developed by teachers, parents, school administrators, and education experts.  You will notice some changes to instruction and testing in our school that will directly impact your child.  It is essential that you know about these changes and what resources are available to help you support your child. The purpose of adopting the CCSS is not simply to align with other states, but rather to raise the bar in all grades to ensure that our students are receiving a relevant and rigorous education. The adoption of the CCSS means that your child will be better prepared to meet the demands of college and/or the work place in the 21st century.  

As a parent, you are the most important person in your child's life, and we need to work together for your child's benefit.  I need your support for the homework assignments, academic goals and classroom discipline plan I have set for the students.  I will keep you informed about your child's progress.  With school and home working together, I know your child can have a successful year.