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Mr. Trammell
Mr. Trammell
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Philip Trammell

Welcome 2015

Welcome parents and students to SGMS 2015 school year. I am Mr. Trammell and I will be teaching your students 6th math, earth science and ancient civilization. Here is a brief overview of how your son/daughter will be graded in my class, and classroom expectations. 

All classes are aligned with the California Common Core state standards. Students are expected to be to class on time. Students are expected to complete all assignments and show work to receive full credit. Incomplete work and/or poor work will be graded accordingly. Students are given two weeks to turn in any late or missing work before they begin to lose full credit points. (due to absence/lack of time/illness). Therefore, there should be no excuses for any student to have any excessive amount of missing assignments, or poor grades. Students are expected to behave accordingly in class, following all classroom, as well as school rules.  

All grades are based on class work, homework, test/quiz scores and classroom participation and behavior. Grades are aligned with the California state educational guidelines for teachers. Grades will be assigned as follows,,,

Test and quiz scores - 40%

Class work / homework - 40% / 10%

Participation and classroom behavior - 10%

Students are encouraged to write all assignments in their agendas so that parents may keep tabs on student work, as well as the students maintaining responsibility for their own work and grades. Students will receive extra credit points when parents sign off that their child has completed their assignments. Students may also receive extra credit points by completing extra assignments. However, I do not allow students to turn in extra credit points at the end of a grading period just to keep from receiving a failing grade due to excessive missing assignments. Extra credit assignments are designed for extra help and practice with the current curriculum, not as a way to keep from failing at the last minute. 

There is no greater support a child may receive in education than from the support of their parents and family. Please take an active, positive and supportive role in your child's education. Their future depends on it. 

Thank you, 

Mr. Trammell


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